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Real Carbon Inc. 


Aerospace, UAV and UAS, marine, medical, robotics, industrial, and musical.


Aerospace: Structural and enclosure parts.

UAV, Drone: Avionics enclosures, camera housings, pitot static tubes.

Marine: Uncrewed autonomous vehicles, AUV, subsea robotics.

Medical: Radio-transparent boards, Drip Trays.

Robotics:  Tubes, arm and limb components, cooling manifolds.

Industrial: Machine parts, battery components.

Musical: Flutes, Whistles, Bagpipe parts.


Mike Graham originally from St. Andrews in Scotland, moved to the US in 1987. Mike is a Chemist with an Honors degree in Chemistry from the University of London.  Mike still windsurfs, skis, and plays golf in his free time.

Mike is available as an expert consultant on carbon fiber and composites.

Custom Carbon Fiber Pitot Static Tube
Custom Carbon Fiber UAV Fuselage Slice
Custom carbon fiber medical armboard
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