1. Purchase Orders

    Real Carbon utilizes purchase orders to define the product/service it would like to procure. Purchase orders, referred to as PO’s hereinafter, define the part number that is to be manufactured or procured. PO’s also define the following: identification of relevant technical data, processes to be used (if necessary), key characteristics/critical items to be monitored (does not apply to COTS), and any relevant terms of delivery and billing. Acceptance of a PO from Real Carbon signifies compliance with above and below terms and conditions outlined in this document.

  2.  Order Acceptance

    External Supplier is required to notify Real Carbon of any necessary changes to PO, either of specifications outlined at that time or any of the other terms stipulated. If no changes are required, external supplier is obliged, not required, to formally accept receipt of PO and its terms. If no notice of rejection or of changes are communicated by external supplier to Real Carbon within 1 week of receipt of PO, then external supplier accepts all terms and conditions of this document and of PO/drawings/technical specifications of order. If customer formally accepts PO in person, through email or over the phone either by text or verbal communication then then supplier agrees to all terms and conditions in this document, PO, and drawings/technical specifications.

  3. Acceptance Criteria

    Real Carbon employs both quality assurance and quality control processes during manufacturing operations. Per specifications stipulated by its customers or through internal specifications, Real Carbon accepts and rejects parts procured for its manufacturing processes by external suppliers. These criteria are communicated through the provision of drawings with notes per section 1 of these terms and conditions.

  4. Services

    Real Carbon manufactures parts per specifications outlined by its customers. For certain
    manufacturing processes, Real Carbon relies upon provision of services by external suppliers. In this case, parts manufactured at Real Carbon are sent to provider of external manufacturing process. Suppliers that provide these external processes are required to abide by these terms and conditions, those of Real Carbon PO’s and of all drawing/technical specifications. This process is to be referred to as services hereinafter in this document. Services are ordered per section 1 of these terms and conditions.

  5. Parts

    Real Carbon manufactures assemblies in which require components. These are hereinafter referred to as parts. Parts are ordered per section 1 of these terms and conditions.

  6. Rejection of Parts/Services

    If parts/services procured by Real Carbon are found to be non-conforming i.e. defined features do not align with what was stipulated on drawings/technical documents, Real Carbon will reject this part and request a replacement be provided. Rejection of parts will enact Real Carbon’s Non-Conforming Product procedure and will result in immediate notification of part rejection by Real Carbon to Supplier. Supplier will be required to complete form “QA DOC- RCF SCAR” to document conditions surrounding non-conformance and provide supplier with opportunity to communicate corrective action to be done, if necessary. Real Carbon will provide this form if above conditions are met. Suppliers are required to notify Real Carbon of non-conforming product and before shipment of such are required to disposition parts with input from Real Carbon.

  7. Personnel

    By accepting a PO from Real Carbon per the above and below terms and conditions, supplier agrees to oversee hiring of personnel with relevant technical qualifications to provide services/parts per all specifications required by Real Carbon and its customers. Supplier also commits to ensure that all persons under employment at their organization are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior. This can be done in any way the supplier chooses but is required as a part of doing business with Real Carbon.

  8. Communication

    Suppliers of parts/services are required to notify Real Carbon of any conditions in which affect manufacturing operations to be carried out per PO’s sent by Real Carbon to supplier. Written notice of event to be sent through e mail, or verbal notification over the phone. No other means of communication will be accepted. Supplier is also heavily encouraged to provide regular updates during order cycles. If on time delivery of order is impacted, supplier is required to communicate new realistic ship date for parts/services.

  9. Supplier Quality Control/Assurance

    Real Carbon heavily encourages suppliers to have internal quality control/assurance programs to ensure parts/services are controlled and monitored. Supplier to request acceptance criteria if necessary. Otherwise Real Carbon suggests suppliers create proprietary methods of inspection. If terms of PO require Certificates of Conformance, this document to signify completion of validation activities done by supplier. If a certificate of conformance is required per terms of Real Carbon PO, then supplier must engage in verification/validation activities to ensure part/service aligns with necessary specifications of technical documents/drawings. Otherwise it is heavily encouraged, not required, that suppliers engage in quality control/assurance activities.

  10. Sub-Tier Suppliers

    If at any time it is necessary for a supplier of Real Carbon to utilize services or parts provided by a sub-tier supplier, terms and conditions of this document, PO, and drawings/technical documents to apply. Real Carbon strongly encourages close monitoring of sub-tier suppliers and controls associated with such activities. Real Carbon strongly encourages vetting sub-tier suppliers. If necessary, Real Carbon will provide a list of authorized sub-tier suppliers.

  11. Counterfeit Parts

    Supplier agrees to control for counterfeit parts/components/ materials to be involved in manufacturing processes per Real Carbon PO’s.

  12. Design Approval

    Real Carbon procures custom designed parts to fulfill design specifications by end use customer. If a part/service is designed either wholly or in part by Real Carbon involving an external supplier, then supplier agrees to provide Real Carbon with any relevant technical data through testing, first article activity, or otherwise. Supplier also agrees to provide samples for design approval to be received from end use customer.

  13. Documentation

    Real Carbon will specify if retention of documentation is required per clause 1 of these terms and conditions. However, Real Carbon strongly encourages documentation of validation activities (if required by PO) or otherwise be maintained and stored for a period of 1 year in physical form and indefinitely in digital format. Real Carbon strongly encourages supplier engage in document control including disposition of physical documents and the monitoring of configurations/revisions of parts/services procured by Real Carbon PO’s. Moreover, Real Carbon requires a non-disclosure agreement be in place before services/parts are procured, and for this document to be maintained and stored in both physical form and digital.

  14. Auditing

    By accepting these terms and conditions, external suppliers of parts/services agree to allow Real Carbon to visit the site in which the supplier conducts relevant manufacturing processes. On a yearly basis Real Carbon conducts supplier audits and will visit external suppliers (if necessary) at this time. Suppliers agree to allow regulatory authorities, Real Carbon and the customers of Real Carbon right of access to inspect facilities/sites in which relevant manufacturing processes are conducted.

Real Carbon is ITAR registered by United States Department of State (DDTC).

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